Frequently asked questions

Why would I need a private pilates session?

During a Pilates session you will receive a One on One Pilates training session that is customized to meet your needs. These sessions target muscular imbalances and focus on building strength in weak areas in order to allow for more efficient movement patterns. These sessions are ideal for new clients looking to better understand the posture and alignment required, as well as clients that may be rehabbing an injury or dealing with chronic pain.

What is the difference between Pilates Mat class and Pilates Group Reformer Class?

In Pilates Mat class you will work with various small Pilates equipment such as bands, balls, and the magic circle to get your muscles fired up from head to toe. While pilates does have a focus on core strength, dont let that fool you, your entire body will reap the benefits of this workout. In turn, in the Pilates Group Equipment Class clients will use the pilates reformer machine which has a spring pulley system in order to add a greater degree of resistance to your Pilates training for that toned, sculpted aesthetic.

What types of Yoga classes can I take at Fitness Boutique?

Fitness Boutique offers both Yin Yoga and Power Yoga

What in the world is Glute Camp?

The glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in your body. Having strong glutes keeps you powerful and strong, not to mention they look killer in a pair of jeans. Weak glutes can lead to a host of injuries included but not limited to hamstring injuries and low back pain. In Glute Camp we target the glutes in a variety of ways using functional bodyweight training and small equipment such as resistance bands. So whether you are interested in improving the aesthetic of your booty, or strength gains, no worries, this class covers it all.

How do I sign up for class?

Click on the book online tab, scroll to the service that you would like to book, and you will be able to purchase by clicking the "Book it" option

Can I drop in for class?

Yes, Drop classes are allowed with the exception of Cardio Rebounding class and Pilates Group Reformer Class. There is a 3 person limit for each of these classes, so preregistration is required.

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