Class Descriptions


One on One- Private Pilates training session that is customized to meet your needs. These sessions target muscular imbalances and focuses on building strength in weak areas and to allow for more efficient movement. ​

Pilates mat/Small Apparatus Class- Challenging and never boring, in this class you will be working with various small pilates equipment such as bands, balls, and the magic circle to get your muscles fired up from head to toe. While pilates does have a focus on core strength, don't let that fool you, your entire body will reap the benefits of the workout!


One on One- Yoga session tailored to your needs. Whether you seek a more calming style of yoga, or one that leaves you sweaty, you will have your choice. Your instructor will be right their to correct any postural issues and give modifications/ variations for your level.

Yoga Class- If your body feels stiff and achy and you are in need of a good slow paced yoga class, then Yin Yoga may be for you. In Yin Yoga you will hold postures longer to allow for the release of connective tissue. This will allow you to access deep layers of fascia increasing joint mobility. Yin Yoga is a great compliment to both power yoga and other forms of exercise.

Yoga Class- If you want to leave yoga class feeling, open free and sweaty, then Power Flow is where you should be. We flow with breath between movement increasing your heart rate all while building strength and increasing flexibility

Bikini Posing​

For novice Bikini competitors or those looking to take their stage presence to the next level. During these sessions we will create a posing routine that is tailored towards highlighting your strengths based on your body composition. Confidence is key in showing off your hard work, so we focus also focus flow, facial expressions and overall stage swag. 


This is a fun, low impact class utilizing the rebounder. Rebounding (mini trampoline) builds bone density and cleanses your lymphatic system. Its a win-win!

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